Monday, July 28, 2008


CONTACT: Thursday

I figured I would email “her black guy” in order to send him a copy of her photo, the one with his hands on her breasts—and open up a dialog perhaps.

We got back on Wednesday night after MG. I spent Thursday looking for an email address. My mind was working overtime, imagining our actually taking this further. If they had really connected like Anna felt, then he would find some excuse to make contact. I decided to make a move myself. I had his card but no email address, so I called his number, hit his recorder, reminded him of who we were and offered a copy of the photo of him with Anna if he wanted it. A day later he emailed, mentioned Mardi Gras, asked when we were going to New Orleans again, and left what I felt was a light implication that there was more potential.

Friday: Response Day 6

I hyperventilated when I opened the email folder Friday p.m. and saw his response.

I wrote a quick response which I didn’t mail. Shortened it to “It was fun, she liked flirting with you, I enjoy her doing it, and we chat on this name online sometimes” and gave it to him…adding that it would be a surprise to her and then say I had given him the online name. That was as strong as I could get without overplaying it—although I may have anyway. I wrote in my journal “I just mailed it now. Saturday, noon. Can’t seem to get this out of mind. Damn.”

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