Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cybersex seduction

When we started going online, I encouraged her chat, but she refused. She couldn’t keep up with pms the times I tried to get her online with me. She did start checking her emails on aol though. I set up another aol online account she didn’t know about, put her name on my buddy list, and one day a few weeks after she had .set up her email account I pmed her one day while she was checking her email. I opened up under the guise that she was someone else I had talked to earlier and it was a mistaken identity and we started chatting. The next day it was a longer chat, and she had no idea it was me.
I steered the conversation to sex, and was amazed at how open and revealing she was about our sex life, and her thoughts in general. I asked her about cybersex, and when I explained it she became intrigued. In two weeks this stranger (me) had had cyberfucked my wife, and as I was traveling a lot we were her new online lover was cyberfucking her regularly. She didn’t know it was me, but she didn’t say anything about it to me either, although I had encouraged her to chat.
One day during a hot cybersex session I described her being on her knees on the bed while I stood in the floor and fucked her from behind. That night we started fucking and she said, “Wait, I want to try something”, and she got on her knees on the bed, instructing me to get behind her just as I had described earlier that day.
It got to the point she wanted to talk to her online lover on the phone so I made up a few excuses (company monitoring incoming calls, etc.) but I knew that I was going to have to find some way out of it. During my recovery from her affair with the help of some psychological counseling I read some stats that said one time cheaters were very likely to do it again.
Once while eating with a private detective friend he looked over my shoulder and says, “There’s a certified fool.” When I asked why he told of following the guy’s wife at the husband’s request, following her to a hotel room with another man, bugging the hotel room, and given the husband the proof. “He has just come in with his wife, and is still with her,” he said. “Once they start that they will always do it again.”
With that in mind I tested her, asking to set up a meeting for real. She said she wouldn’t fuck me but she would give me a blow job, and she did set up a time to meet. I had visions of walking in on her as she sat in the bar and confronting her.
She said she would meet. She had failed my test.
But later that night as we watched tv she crawled up into lap and told me she wanted to meet a man she had been chatting with on the internet for sex. Of course since it was me, so I had to fess up, and she was a little miffed but then started laughing, telling me I had seduced her twice, and it was great as she could sleep with her online lover without feeling guilty. It ended better than it could have.

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