Sunday, June 29, 2008


As I have written what has happened in this journey to becoming a hot wife what is striking me as I look back is the inevitable conclusion. If I were reading this in a novel I could see an eventual hot wife experience in the future for this naive couple--but you know at the time neither one of us had a clue. It seemed natural, and was fun, and everyone was smiling. Hell, it was natural--for us.

Some fondling of her own.

We were invited to a very large party that had a live band after that those discussions. This is a very large party held on a farm with several hundred people, outdoors in the middle of the summer. I had bought her a ribbed white tank top with the words “Hot” on it, and I suggested she wear it. Which she did, but she insisted on putting a thick white bra underneath, which was not what I had in mind. Everyone was dancing with different people, and when we danced near each other I saw her dancing with this young guy taking hits off his tequila straight from the bottle. At the end of the song we moved off to the side and she said, “That guy is so hot. He’s moving up behind me and rubbing against my ass as we dance. And he’s hard.”
I suggested she remove her bra and dance with him some more. “No, it would give him too much encouragement.”
I answered, “So,” and she blew up on me, furious. Later the next day she tells me that he was playing with her boobs as they danced on the outside of her top (with bra on), and that at one point she had put her hands down his pants and felt his cock.
“He was soon hard, and his balls were shaved, Damn I love that.” She said. I asked if it had gone any farther than that, and she said, “No, he did ask me, ‘Is there any way?’, but I told him no and that was the end of it.”

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