Saturday, June 28, 2008

Talk about Hooking

After that she started talking during our role playing and fantasies about different men, she mentioned one of her fantasies being pulling a train of guys one after the other. “When I get started I just keep cumming,” she said, “and I want to see how long I could go.”

I thought over the possibilities with none of them adding up to anything doable, at least within my frame of mind at the time, but one day she saw something on TV about a housewife escort, and I had read a story on Literotica on the same subject. At this same time our business was tanking, in a large part because of her neglect in some of her job responsibilities. I was trying to save it but it looked like we might lose our home. In a conversation she talked about trying out being an escort.

Rather than laugh it off I we talked about the reality of it, but being the enabler I am, I checked with places where prostitution was legal (Nevada) and went so far as to email some of the legal brothels in Nevada on how it worked. My wife was actually talking about it, and when I showed her my research rather than being shocked she was intrigued.

I gave it serious thought on my own end, and it seemed like a safe, non-emotional involvement risk in her getting to try a variety of different men. I thought she could do it for a couple of weeks and come back with some great stories for years to come, and it was hot to think that she come be a genuine whore. I thought the Nevada sex license she would have to have would be one hell of an erotic souvenir.

The more she read about it, the more intrigued she became. “I don’t think I would like being in a line up, I couldn’t stand the rejection,” she said, “but in a place where the girls wander through the bar and talk to guys, you know how good I am talking to people, I think I’d rather do that.”
I wrote a second round of letters, and enclosed a couple of photos of her. (They mentioned that at her age (40’s) that was the upper range of girls that worked there, but that if she wanted to come in the summer they would have room). It was hot pillow talk, but we had a family crisis that summer, and as the summer ended she said, “Well, I’ll have to wait another year, and I’ll be a year older.”

As we talked more about it she said, as usual, “I don’t think I could do it for real. It’s just hot to talk about.”

Then one night she said, “I would have hated you if I had gone out there and not liked it.”
After that conversation whenever the subject came up she cut it off quickly. Once we starting actually playing with other guys the subject came up again, along the lines, “I should have done it when we talked about it, now I’m too old.” When I had written the brothels originally I had not told them her true age, because she looked so much younger. This time I did give them her real age, and two responded that it was not a workable situation.

In the end it was nothing more than some pillow talk, erotic conversation, and a few emails -- and looking back the knowledge that we got close to the flame, and was another step to her becoming the real hot wife that she is today.

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