Sunday, June 22, 2008

One More Step Closer

Mardi Gras is our playground for the turning points in our journey. It is just easier to let go there, and once we’ve gone that far it is simply much easier to go there again. Anna doesn’t think a second time about flashing if it is in the right situation, like a bunch of friends drinking and anyone else flashing.
The next year we were on a balcony and we were talking to a younger guy standing beside us on the balcony. She had flashed him a time or two, and after I came back she went to the restroom and came back with a low cowl neck top she had carried in her purse. She had said she had to have a buzz going before she could wear it. Between her boobs I could see a thin gold chain. It connected to two rings that fit around her nipples that I had bought for her a year before. When she pulled up her top one of them slid off, and the best way to put it back on is to put it in your mouth and suck the nipple through the ring. I did it in front of him. Later the other one fell off. “Let me,” he said, and did a couple of times, kissing her nipples to do so.
That night back in the room she told me she had been kissing him when I had gone to piss. “I wish we had brought him back to our hotel room.” She said.
Over time I had come to the frame of mind that I wish she would take it further. But sober, and at home, at this time she would always go back to, “You know I was drinking and didn’t really mean what I said.” I believe when she has a light buzz she is more honest with me than she is stone sober, so I just nod my head and waited for the next time when she gets crazy.
I realize there are some checking this blog out for the hot sex stuff, and that is coming—but when I look back on things one of the things that interests me most is seeing the little minor things that were small steps beyond her comfort zone, a step bolder, a step sexier, letting another guy cop a feel or see some flesh, and each step was a step closer to becoming a woman who would now eagerly enjoy being fucked by another man.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The small steps along the way are just as if not more sexy and important than the current descriptions of the unhibited of the woman she has become (of course I looking forward to those too). Keep going the way you are. Fantastic!

duron said...

I agree with anon above me. It's the small steps that are the most interesting. I have resisted in going to the newest bits of your blog. You suggested starting at the beginning and this is a wonderful read thus far! Very interesting!