Sunday, June 15, 2008

Retrospect so far

If you are starting this blog and haven’t started from the beginning I recommend you do, as more than just what is the erotic side of our life, it is a step by best narrative of how we got to where we are today. Even as I look back on it each step amazed and aroused me as she took it.
And each step she took at becoming bolder, dressing sexier, flirting more, letting someone else touch her just increased my desire for her, and opened me up to encouraging her to do more.
This was the woman I wanted since on one of those early first dates she said she didn’t like wearing clothes—and I had to wait years to see that side of her she had promised so young finally emerge. Along the way I did my part in discouraging it, of jealously at her doing deep down what I wanted her to do.
I sometimes went beyond encouraging and would push—which did nothing but increase her reluctance. And no matter how much I might want her to do something, the simple truth was she would do nothing unless she was convinced in her mind that she wanted to—and for her to come to both the realization that she wanted to and at the same time to work up the nerve to do it could only happen if I backed off. It took a long time before I understood that.
I learned that if I wanted her to get bolder it was nothing I was doing the help it happen other than just step back out of the way and watch this sexual butterfly emerge from her cocoon, and it has been an amazing thing to observe and participate in.
The time frame between each of these steps varies, but looking back on it every step was moving toward the eventual point that unless something stopped this evolution this straightlaced Sunday School teacher and Mother, this somewhat shy, conservative dressing beauty, would at some point be on her back with her legs wide spread awaiting a near stranger to crawl between those welcoming legs and slide a hard and strange cock up inside her.
I personally felt a change in myself when I saw where it was going, and knew that rather than trying to stop it that I wanted it to happen.

The photo above was the year following the first year she was felt up. In the ensuing year I had sobered up, given a lot of thought about what had happened, and found myself wanting to see it happen again rather than discouraging it. Thanks to some drinks, an attentive guy having some beads she really wanted and him bartering for a good feel in exchange for the beads, I was able to get photos of the exchange. Suffice to say that the hands on my wife's breasts in this photo are not mine, and this was on the edge of the dance floor in a crowded bar in public.

We are very interested in hearing your comments on this. I'm describing as it has happened for real, but if you're turned on, or turned off, or think we're both insane for having started down this road (but deep down I'm not sure that many parts of it were inevitable), it is nice to know that it is being read. We go to great lengths for discretion in our lifestyle choices, not so much that we care, but that it would certainly embarrass family, so there is not anyone that I can really tell someone about all this so this blog is fulfilling a part of me that wants to describe what I feel is an amazing journey--at least it is for us. And I am so very proud of how my wife has been able to evolve to the person she is today.

Also I don't know how you link to other sites from this one or vice versa, but if a reader would like to explain how to do that then thanks! Also happy to trade links.


Anonymous said...

This is a great description of the journey you've been through and I hope you keep going.

It's a turn on and also helps me to consider my own relationship with my wife (she has the occasional lover) and how we moved along a similar type of path.


Sexy Wife in GA said...

I took your advise and went back and read the entire blog and found it interesting as it is very similar to our interest as well. You were right in backing off and not pushing - the harder by husband pushes the more reluctant I am (must be that urge to rebel).

As I mentioned, our situations are very similar and the concept of me playing with other men has been entirely his idea, which I vetoed for quite some time, then tried once and vetoed it again for a couple years. His fantasy is for me to be his black cock slut wife (in other words, no playing with other white men). The interracial aspect is arousing to me as well.

I do have a question/comment in which you may be able to enlighten me. He wants to take the fantasy a bit further in that I only fuck black cock/men - and refuse him (as of course he is white). What do you think of this part of the fantasy and have you entertained the same thoughts? I'm not naive to think that there aren't many, many other couples that dabble in an alternative lifestyle. I am probably an over - thinker and can't for the life of me figure out how that is a turn on for me to reject him and indicate that "I have gone black and not going back" (his phrase).

I've tried to explain to him that part of the turn on for me is to have him attack me or take me when I return from a play date (as we don't get to play at home because of kids). Don't get me wrong, it is very arousing to have black men attracted to me and wanting me - but I feel it would be more fulfilling if my husband reclaimed his territory so to speak.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog every day for updates. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I don't remember how I happened upon your blog but it was definately through a link from another blog with a similar theme. Keep up the good work. I would very much like to someday be where you are with my wife.