Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She Meets THE Black Guy

What follows is a day by day narrative of her last days as a non-hot-wife. If you've followed the blog so far you've seen the gradual steps that got her ever closer to these final days. If you're new here I would hope you'll go to the start and read how this began--and evolved to where we are today. This happened a little over two years ago.

Comments are welcome, and appreciated. If you have specific questions, ,we'll try to answer them. (She looks over my shoulder through much of this correcting me here and there).

Sunday before Fat Tuesday -- Or Day 1 in the final steps before the BIG step.

My wife and I had gone to a stripper supply store to buy a horny dress for this party we were going to attend, and as a second thought she bought a top that pushed her boobs up, and was sheer in the back and down the arms. In fact the top was sheer except for the push up panels that covered her breasts, and the way it pushed them up it doubled her cup size and appeared to be threatening to have a nipple pop out at any minute (in reality covering more than that). It was the hottest (and sluttiest) top she’s ever worn in public, and she looked fabulous in it.
We went to a bar, out to their balcony, and in a few minutes she went down to the end of this balcony where this large black guy was, and came back in a minute. “He’s played in the NFL” she said.
What she didn’t tell me at the time was that he was making some very serious moves on her, complimenting her, telling her he loved brunettes, grabbing her ass, and pulling her over to try and kiss her. (Of course she didn’t tell me this until later) She kept resisting, telling him at one time, “My husband isn’t going to like your hand’s on me.”
“Where’s your husband?” he asked.
“Out on the balcony,” she said. And at that point he backed off.
He kept coming round to her periodically, telling her that she was the most gorgeous, hottest thing he’d ever seen (i.e. the top was working). The more compliments and attention she got, the hornier she became.
Another girl flashed, and the black guy walked up behind her and grabbed her boobs from behind. I’d mentioned to my wife previously that I wanted to get a photo of her boobs being touched from behind by a black guy—but I didn’t think she really understood. After I saw him fondle the other girl I figured this was the time. He was standing there and I told my wife, “let me take your picture with him.”
She told him, he moved behind her, and as they both looked at my camera, she reached down, took his hands, and moved them up to her breasts, holding them there with her hands over him, waiting for long seconds while I took the photograph.
He whispered in her ear, “That’s more than I could have ever asked.”
I walked closer to them, he shook my hand, and asked where we lived. I told him and he responded his town, which I wasn’t familiar with and asked him for a larger nearby city, which he told me.
“Yeah, that’s not far, I could be up there in 3 ½ hours,” he said.

I handed him a printed out card that gave our website address without an address, phone or anything. He handed me his card, which gave his phone number and pager. I put it in my wallet.
What are you all doing today?” he asked.
“Just hanging out here, then we eventually end up at another bar down the street.”
“Kool,” he answered, “My brother and here will be here until Wednesday morning”. The tone of his voice was heavy with the implication that we would be around each other before the week was up.
We moved apart, and my wife said he came around and complimented her another time. We left to move to a different balcony, going back to our room first.
In one of her recent phone sessions with her regular guy she had cammed with him using a large black dildo I had bought her (the Sean Michaels lifesize version). I had wanted to film her using it with the camcorder (usually when I request it she says it is too big and hurts and doesn’t want to use it, but after she had used it with her cam friend I wanted my own better video of the same thing. )
As she started stripping she started talking about the black guy from the bar. “MY GOD he was so hot. He was the perfect body, did you see how wide his shoulders were?”
“Liked him?” I asked.
“Oh my God,” she repeated, “You said you wanted to watch me fuck someone, he’s the one.”
I hesitated, probably too long.
I had her repeat it, she said he was good looking, articulate, not a gangsta, and hot.
“You want to fuck him.”
“Yes, he’s the one.”
I put her on the bed naked, handed her the black dildo and told her to fuck herself with it. She was as hot and turned on as I have ever seen her in her life, she didn’t fuck herself with the dildo, she literally fucked the dildo, never really knowing I was there. Finally she looked up, saw me looming over her with my hard on and the video camera and she told me, “Fuck me now.”
As I began to fuck her I asked her, “Were you thinking about the black guy fucking you as you did that?”
“Yes,” she said.

We went back to the bar, he wasn’t there, and we hung out some more. She started flirting with a couple of guys. One was a large black guy (heavy through the gut too) and a German guy, and as they chatted one guy lay his head other on her chest, then the other, and finally she looked up, saw me with the video camera, and leaning down told both guys to kiss her nipples at the same time. She stood there a black guy on her right breast sucking and the German on her left, smiling at the camera. The both kissed an licked in the room full of people for a moment then she came closer to me, walked right up to another black guy, who was accompanying the heavy guy, pulled up her top, and he took sucked on her nipple while I filmed it.
A few minutes later a white guy came up with a spinner on his shirt, inviting here to spin it, and she did. It landed on a French kiss and she immediately moved into his arms for a very long intimate French kiss.

We left and went to a different balcony, from which we could see the one we had just left. I got to talking to friends on the new balcony, looked across the way and down in the street was my wife and one of our friends going back to the bar we had just left. I could see her inside, knew she was drunk, and new that she didn’t need to be alone there. (unbeknownst to me one of our friends wife had gone back over there earlier and he had asked my wife to go check on her). I went back to the bar to just to be sure was ok.

We went back to our hotel room buzzed and satiated, and I fucked her again once we got back, the stimulation still so very vivid in my mind. I told her the next morning, “Well that was a hot fantasy, but you saw the signs on the front of the hotel that say absolutely no visitors will be allowed in our room—under any circumstances”? I asked.
“Yeah, I did,” she said.
“So it would have been impossible to bring him back here.”

So ended Day one

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