Friday, August 8, 2008

Final Phone Call & suggestions--just days prior

Phone contact
She finally did call, and they talked an hour. They talked family, and real life stuff, and finished I heard her say, officially, “I am excited about it and looking forward to it.” .
When she hung up I asked her what he said. “Nothing erotic, he just wanted me to feel comfortable with everything. And I am.” I remember as she left the room thinking to myself, “Damn, she’s actually going to do it.”

The Letter

In the past week she’s tried on different sexy outfits, and sent one to the cleaners that is very low cut. She is totally in anticipation mode. She had said before that she didn’t want me telling him how she was multi-orgasmic and how she squirted, but then with days to go I asked her if she was going to tell him. “Why don’t you tell him?” she said.
So I sent the following letter today in his email to me asking what she liked and preferred:


This might run a little long, but I could write a
book about her anyway. As we're only talking a few
days before getting together I may get a bit more
specific than we have in the past.
As for getting her relaxed and comfortable (and
might as well say it, horny lol) it is simply
compliments and paying attention to her. She has
always been turned on by good builds, especially big
shoulders, so in short the combination of all of those
got her attention to you start with. Like most women
she is worried about aging, so reassuring her on that
goes a long way.
She does enjoy a massage, but I think if we go to
dinner, have a few drinks, maybe dance some, get
flirty in the cab or limo, and get back to our room I
don't think anyone will want to take time for a
massage. Maybe afterward or Sunday morning.
As you know, this is the first time we've ever
done anything like this--so that by itself is
exciting, and certainly the first time she's ever done
anything like this in front of me. I guess we
discovered that her flashing at Mardi Gras or some guy
feeling her up in front of me there was a rush for
both of us, and our imaginations kinda took over from
there, getting to where we are right now.
If things go as anticipated, you will be only the
third man to ever fuck her. There's me, and a guy she
had a brief affair with many years ago which our
marriage survived barely. (i.e. one of the reasons
anything like this we do now is an "us" rather and a
"me" or "you" situation.)
That doesn't mean she's reserved when it comes to
sex. She is an unbelievable fuck. She's
multi-orgasmic and when she starts rolling can cum
forever. Sometimes when she has a really good orgasm
she squirts, which is really kool.
She is absolutely enthusiastic about giving a blow
job, and loves being eaten herself. Her nipples are
sensitive, and she enjoys them being sucked on and
felt. Kissing with her is either a hit or miss thing,
when she's is in the mood she enjoys it, but there are
times she does not too.
About the only thing she is paranoid about
sexually is anything anal--a major turn off for her,
although she does get in moods that she talks about
it. At least she's that way with me.
With a three or so drinks in her she gets very
uninhibited. After four she gets kinda sloppy at 5
she is not as much fun as she was at 3-4. (So
encouraging her to get really shit faced has a
declining return).
During sex she doesn't like to make decisions,
she's a little sub in that regard--but more as
suggestions rather than commands. Asking her "what
would you like to do?" is usually not the best
approach with her.
And oh yeah, once she starts being fucked she
enjoys being talked dirty to. She doesn't mean
anything she's saying at that point of course, but it
gets her more turned on. And just so you know, she
can get loud.”

Damn, just re-read this and I want to do her when
she gets home right now lol. Great thing is it is all
true. After her affair I long got over the jealously
thing- it will be interesting to share her and observe
someone else enjoying this very hot woman I'm married
Part of me cannot believe I've just written a
guide on how to fuck my wife lol, but there it is.
I think most of the evening is simply play by ear,
I figure plan on meeting us in the hotel bar around
5:30 to 6:00, (which is 6:30 to 7 our time) and we'll
go to dinner from there.
What you and her do is basically up to you and
her, as long as condoms are used and there's no pain
or really kinky stuff.
I have very consciously tried to not choreograph
the evening in my mind, with the general idea of being
as unobtrusive as possible while you two play. I even
have my camera set on silent shutter. I'm not sure
low light is going to work though, I think some lights
on with no flash will be much less distracting that
using a flash.
However she has also wanted to do two guys at one
time so don't be surprised if she wants to blow me
while you do her from behind or something similar.
(She's not said anything about this but just trying to
anticipate every possibility so no one gets surprised
or freaky). As I said from the very start, I am VERY
straight and the only time we'll touch is when we
shake hands in the bar lol.
We won't be able to read anything until tomorrow
night late or Thursday morning (leaving early to go to
the concert too).
I'd suggest you email her, as she enjoys email and
always checks it the first thing when she gets home,
and she'll email back.
I figure we'll exchange emails Friday as well.
Good to hear you are staying over, might make the
morning check-out more interesting!
I think this is going to be a fun couple of days
this weekend.
And yeah, I'll interested to see your response to
this email, lol.

My best,

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How strange it must have been to write that letter. Strange and erotic!