Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Picking the Day to Lose Her Black Cherry

Friday. Day 24
We went out of town and didn’t even mention the subject. In the course of it we were talking about a business trip near him that I didn’t want to take and had told someone we were not going. She asked, “Why are you not going to (the city)” she asked.
Why are you asking? I asked her, and she responded I knew why she was asking (this was the time we talked about him getting together with us.).
“I thought we might get together before then.”
“We won’t have time, it is in two weeks.” She said.
“OK,” I understood. She was starting to talk more about it, and I said, “I thought we were not supposed to bring it up.”
“You’re not supposed to bring it up.” She smiled. At that moment she realized she has left her purse back at the restaurant, and freaked, and we didn’t get back to the subject again.

We have some business a short drive from him in a couple of weeks, and that’s when it might happen.

Saturday night. Day 25
I asked her in the hot tub over drinks when she wanted to go on our business trip. She said she didn’t want to go. I asked why. She answered, “Because I’ll be having my period then.”
She said she wanted to be in total control of everything—and I said if she was then it wasn’t something that both of us were doing—but then she said for her that meant picking the time and the place. Later I asked her to role play it, and she stopped halfway through and said, “I can’t do this.” She meant she could do it, but she couldn’t talk about it so much beforehand. So she wants to do it, but we will not be talking about it in casual conversation. She said she was going to talk to him and email soon. I suggested we meet the week after she gets off her period.

Another Series of Journal Entries
“So it looks like that on April 21 or 22 in a hotel room in (the city). after drinks, dinner, and some dancing, at some point my wife is going to kiss a man she has only exchanged an hour’s worth of conversation with. She is enraptured with his body, and the fact he’s black, and he wants her above everyone else that was in the room at the room we were in with him in Mardi Gras. He’s been in her head desirewise since.
After they kiss in some manner she is going to show her breasts to him, let him feel them, kiss them, suck on her magnificent nipples, strip her naked, and in minutes after that she will be holding his hard black cock and guide it to her pussy, rubbing it between her soaked pussy lips and he is going to slide his hard cock up between the legs, past the wet swollen lips, and slide inside the body of my wife—her third cock ever to go there, the first black cock ever to go there, and in all probability the first of other cocks to follow. And that cock will move in and out of her until there are loud, shaking, climaxes, cums that I expect will shake their bodies, and I will be there to watch, record, photograph in an other ways do everything possible to add to the excitement of the moment, to be relived in times to come.

There is no script, just to get them into the room and turn them loose, letting things evolve.

I can’t resist this—nor do I want to. What I want is to see this happen, to hear her moan from someone else’s cock inside her, to watch her face as his cock going inside her, to see large black hands on her creamy white breasts, to watch those breasts bounce from fucking, and see it happen again and again until everyone is through.

Then he will leave, I will hold her, enjoy her myself, and reassure the guilt that will follow.

We had life get in the way of talking about anything, but last night (Wednesday) she and I had drinks in our usual place, the hot tub, and of the subject of her black guy came up. She said she had thought about it, and I told her we had picked the 21st, and she wanted to change it to the 22nd, as we were on a trip on the 20th, and we don’t want to be tired doing it.

Then we got into an argument, decided to make up, came in and decided to watch a video (interracial CD’s are most of what we have, and she wanted to watch one)…while watching a girl get gang banged (which is what she wanted to see) she talked about inviting him to the resort we are going to on the 20th, and then she said, “You know it won’t stop with him don’t you?”

“I know I said, what do you want to happen.”

“I want to be gang banged, a bunch of guys,” she answered, adding, “They don’t have to all be black.”

She then voiced concern about him being a decent guy and freaked out if she mentioned it. She also reminded me that if she did it that she wanted to fuck him alone, without me there too, without a video camera on. I said if the other things went ok then sure. She also talked about poses she would do with him fucking her for my photos.

It is going to happen.

Meanwhile we got called out of town on a family emergency, sat in hospitals for a few days and kinda got off track on her getting fucked by someone else. So when we got back she had an email waiting, at my suggestion to him, and she answered it herself, wanting to know a time to talk on the phone.

In the hot tub she said she was scared a little, and apprehensive, and wanted to talk to him to reassure herself.

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