Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anna Goes Black For The First Time

I led the way to the room, opened to door, and sat down in the easy chair in the corner with camera in hand, and watched as he began his sexual seduction of my wife over 20 years—but she didn’t need any seduction—she wanted it. It wasn’t a seduction, it was just foreplay.
There kissing took on an urgency now--it was foreplay. “I’ve been told to be as unobtrusive as possible,” I said to them both. They turned to each other and kissed.She was gasping for breath as they kissed, giving a guttural groan.She wanted him.
Sam moved his hands to the sides of her open backed top, sliding his hands in from the side her to rub her bare breasts, and they kissed again, longer. She was making soft moans. It was a distinctive moan that sounded just like a woman when she has eaten something delicious, something much better than she expected, like a fine piece of chocolate. In this instance it was human chocolate for her. He broke the kiss and slid the straps of her top off her shoulders, and down, her bare breasts coming into view and his hands seeking them as they kissed. She slipped her arms out and wrapped them up around his neck. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples while his palms were on the side of her breast. She was moaning, very loud now.
They kissed eagerly, standing, his hands roaming her body, and her hands roaming his chest. Anna had talked about his incredible build and solid body and it looked like she wanted to rub every part of him
They broke the kiss and her hands went to his belt, eagerly unbuckling it, letting the pants drop. His hard-on was bulging out in his briefs, and Anna touched it for only an instant outside the cloth before sliding his briefs halfway down his thighs with one hand, and her other hand seeking his hard cock, wrapping her fingers around it, pulling it out, instantly bending over from the waist and taking it in her mouth, one hand at the base of his hard black cock, the other hand cupping his balls.

Her moans were became deeper, almost animal like, a sound I had never heard from her alternating with moans of pure pleasure as she dropped to her knees and continued sucking his cock, licking it, taking it in as she could and eliciting a moan from him as she did.
I was awestruck by my beautiful wife eagerly bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock, someone else’s cock, a black cock. Videos or photos cannot describe of how erotic this was. He was smiling, leaning back, his hands moved behind his head, and I understood the feeling, knowing what one of her blow jobs feel like. He bunched her long hair and held it up so he could see her sucking him better. I had never heard her make the noises of need, lust, and desire that were coming from her as she sucked him. She finally let go of him and he moved to the bed, sat down, and she followed, kneeling between his legs, continuing to suck his cock as he played with her breasts, caressed her hair, his hand on the back of her head. She devoured his cock.
He pulled her up, and she stood. He unbuttoned her pants, slid them down, leaving her in tiny black lace panties, and he kissed her, his hand on her ass, his fingers probing, slipping a finger under the leg of her panties, into her pussy from behind, while they kissed. He sucked on her breasts as he then stripped her of her panties, and she was naked.
He stood up from the bed, they embraced and kissed again, her creamy white flesh contrasting against his hard so very black body, and he turned her around toward the bed. She climbed on and rolled to her back on the bed, waiting, anticipating, and he scooted her forward, her ass on the edge of the bed. He knelt down and began to lick her bare pussy, reaching up and tweaking her nipples as he did. She gave a long almost growl/moan and raised her ass off the bed as he licked her pussy, grinding her bare pussy into his face, cumming as she did, or at least very close too it, gasping, “Oh My God, Oh My God,” changing to Oh, Oh!, OH, in rapid succession as he continued until she collapsed, grabbing Anna's breasts. She lay there for a moment or two, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, and he stood up. She rose too and began again to suck his cock.
He reached for the nightstand where the rubbers lay, watching her suck his cock and finally pulling away and rolling the condom down his cock. Anna took over rolling the condom down his cock, using her mouth for the last inch or so.
He rolled her to her side and he nudged her ass, and she moved obediently to her hands and knees, openly offering her pussy to him from behind, pushing her ass toward him, her waiting pussy clearly visible and wet as she crept back on her knees into position and waiting for him to step to her body and shove her first black cock inside her.
She backed her pussy up toward him, leaning over, her bare pussy protruding between her legs in perfect position for him and he reached down with his hand, rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit a single time, coating it with her dripping juices, and leaving the tip of his cock just at her opening, grabbing her hips on both sides with his hands and pulling her back onto him, sliding his cock all the way inside her in a single stroke and holding it there. I expected a moan as he slid inside her, a change to her expression, a gasp, but she was silent as he went into her, absorbing the feeling. He exhaled a loud “Ahhhhhhhhh” as he went inside her.
“Yessss” was the first sound she hissed through her clenched teeth. I watched intently wondered how this moment had changed things because it had to. All this was happening in a millisecond, and as he held his cock inside her without moving she groaned louder, “Oh God, YESS” and he started to move. I was in stunned silence. She had done it. She had a black cock inside her. I was watching her fuck someone in front of me. It was hot, erotic, and not as terrifying as it should have been.

As he started to pull out on that first stroke she came alive, loud, with a long slow moan, all the anticipation, the talk, the wondering, the fantasies, the stories, the pornos had all come down to this one moment, and her long loud moan held all of that, the realization of the years past, the culmination of her longest hidden taboo fantasy. She followed with a quick with, “OH God that feels soo good,” she breathed, and he rhythmically began pounding his cock in and out of her pussy, hard, stroking and stroking, pulling her ass toward him to meet his thrusts, the impact bouncing her boobs wildly, and her hair falling down in her face, her beautiful face twisted in pleasure and in pure lust. “Ohhh Fuck me,” she gasped. I watched in absolute amazement as she took her first black cock, the third cock of her entire life.
She grunted with each thrust inside her. “Oh Yess,” she exclaimed, over and over, calling him by name, “Fuck me, Sam.” One of her lifelong fantasies was happening right before my eyes. He pounded her pussy, over and over, in and out, and I moved to the side, watching the light from the lamp appear and disappear between them as their bodies parted and joined again, always connected by that round black cock embedded in her pussy, their bodies separated on his withdrawal except for the cock connection.
“You like that?” he asked as they fucked.
“I love how you fuck me,” she moaned. He fucked her so long that it would have almost been boring had it not been so utterly exciting, fucking her, fucking my wife, with my permission, encouragement, and viewing until he started some soft moans of his own and her grunts, gasps and moans joined his in a rhythmic fuck symphony, the slap of his bare flesh against hers a rhythmic accompaniment of “slap, slap, slap, slap” each time his pelvis met her ass, his balls slapping her bare pussy, she later claimed, going deep as possible inside her as their bodies collided.
She came again, very loud, and he withdrew. I thought he was through, but he readjusted the condom, and reached down to her ankles. He scooted her back. She leaned head down further, he reached down and pulled her hair back, sliding his cock back inside my wife as he did, ramming it into her over and over, her gasps and grunts keeping perfect rhythm with his thrusts. It seemed like 15 minutes but I’m sure it was less.
He took her left arm and pulled it back, holding it behind her back with one hand, their fingers intertwined, the other on her hip, pulling her onto his cock each time he shoved his torso forward, impaling her wet pussy onto him, leaning forward a couple of times to caress her breasts as he fucked her. He started to move his hand from her breast and she put her hand over his, keeping it there while he fucked her. She got so loud that she buried her face into her pillow, screaming “YESSSSSSSS” “OH GOD YESSSS” as she go lost in her fucking. He started gasping himself and finally came, holding his cock inside her a long time after he did, caressing her back, running his hand up to her breasts, until he eventually pulled out, stripped off his rubber, and walked into the bathroom to flush it.
Anna rolled to her back, her legs spread, naked, smiling as he walked back into the room. He crawled onto the bed and pulled her into his arms, holding her, and she lowered her hand to wrap it around his soft cock.
We all just sat there in silence. I had witnessed the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life. I watched the pale naked woman I had married curl up in the embrace of this large dark man she had just fucked. Everyone was smiling.
I had always figured at this point everyone would talk about how it had been, he’d thank us for sharing the experience with him, she’s want me to jump her bones and would be anxious for him to get out of the way. It wasn’t that late. And it wasn’t how things went either.
If you’ve been following this blog and want to post how you think the night went after that feel free. The one thing I can tell you about this blog is that everything it in is real as it has happened—so let’s see how good you are at predicting how things go the rest of the evening.

As for the photo—those are video caps. In the first photo she has not had a black cock inside her—but it is obvious that she is about to. The next frame is just a few seconds later, officially black fucked, and the final frame is her lost in the pleasure of it all.

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