Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exclusive to black men

The significance of her black date, and as I had explained to her date previously and why it was such a big step for her was that while she had accepted that she loves fucking black guys, and her involvement in the interracial lifestyle, we had always gone to extremes to ensure discretion and not letting anyone know.

Now this was so different from that. She wanted to be seen on the arm of a nice black guy, she wanted the envious looks of some of the white women, the glares of some disapproving others, and the anger in the faces of some of the black women. She wanted to be shown off, she had said, but the reality she was doing some showing off of her own.

She said she wanted this to be a coming out party of sorts, of actually going out in public and showing anyone that sees her that she enjoys the company of a black man. Her dress, the Q of spades tatoo on her ankle, and hopefully his agressive attitude was all supposed to enhance that--although he did behave much more gentlemanly than she had hoped, but that is not a bad thing from a regular.

After the intensity of a sleepover fuck buddy, we laid back for a few days, and she started surfing our swinger site more often. We were going to a trade show a few states away and she wanted to surf a potential playmate. In the course of talking about it I had added a couple of white couples, and she said she really didn't care to fuck any white guys, but if it was a swinging situation she would take one for the team.

"So you only want to fuck black men?"

"I have a white guy at home, but yes, I am only really interested in being with black men."

So other than me her pussy is exclusive to black cock it would appear.


Fred said...

I really enjoy your blog. It's interesting to read your journey through the IR relationship.

Anonymous said...


Sexy Wife in GA said...

"Exclusive to black cock other than you". I love it, same here by the way - hubby is the only white cock I allow - all others are black.

Michael and Caroline said...

We do understand!