Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Her First Interracial Date

Four days after the previous post we drove to vacation, anticipating the Friday night solo date we had talked about. She first mentioned it as a fantasy, wanting a black guy to take her out and show her off, and after a lot of talking and discussing it with two of her black lovers, we picked the guy we always see when we go to the beach, the guy who had put the "slut4bc" collar on her, Devin.

The plan was for him to pick her up at our condo (she'd already told me she was planning on wearing a very low cut dress she worn the first time she met Darnell, the one I said I just about told Darnell to forget it and go home as I was taking her for the night. The plan was,their going to dinner, and possibly dancing or at least to a club. (I'd asked him to hang back some and let her be asked to dance by a few guys to get her confidence up).

In the ensuing days since I first mentioned that she could do this if she wanted she went from concern I was pushing him into it to her liking the idea that at some point she would go to the bathroom and upon returning hand him her panties.
I asked for photos and text messages on the progress, and for them to come by a strip club and pick me up, where I would be waiting. I asked them to come in and have a drink in the strip club, with her on his arm as they came in.

From my standpoint I said she could do whatever she wanted with him without me there except I want to be around if there was fucking. She had said she wanted to blow him before they get back, and I told her with that lowcut dress he would have his hand inside her top before they left the parking lot.

We arrived at the condo at the beach and as we fucked that night I told her I was thinking that I had just eaten a pussy that someone else would eat within 24 hours, I was sucking on breasts and holding tits that someone else would be sucking and holding within 24 hours, and I had my cock inside her and another cock would be there. I told her that the bottom line was that I was loaning her pussy, breasts, and body to him for an evening. That really got her soaked.

The date night came and she started getting ready early, he called and said he would be here between 7 and 7:30, and after 8 he showed up. (This is commonly referred to as being on black time if you've not had a lot of real experience in hooking up with black men).

He called when he was in the parking lot. I had to let him in and give him a parking pass for the condo. We went in, He talked for a while,and gave me the test results of his being negative as he had promised.

He complimented my wife, and as she had forgotten her Q and heart anklet chain I had in our toy box a rub on tattoo of the spade with a Q in the center, and I put that on her ankle instead. I kept noticing how that was noticeable and would draw attention to her exceptional long slender legs. I finally told him, "You two have to get going."

And he stood up and he looked at us and said, "Well I need to get a quick shower." My wife had not eaten and it was getting later, and after another half hour he came out dressed in sport jacket, dress shirt with no tie, and slacks. She really needed to eat she told me.

I had planned to set up my light and camera things after they had left and then the plan was for them to join me in a nearby strip club--but as it was late this time they dropped me off at the strip club and then went on.

A cute young stripper came up in the nearly empty strip club, asked if she could join me, and I started awaiting the first text or cell phone photo. The first one came in, they had not gone to dinner, they had gone straight to the club, where they had gotten a table. He had asked her if she wanted to sit at the bar, she didn't. And from the table he talked about dancing but never asked her.

She had 3 Cosmos, and when he went to the restroom I received my second text, saying that nothing had happened, but he was getting touchy feely on her back.
I assumed things were progressing but I much different that we had talked about and she had anticipated, but that is how things often go, so I ordered another beer, drank it, and finally took the stripper back to the private area for a lap dance. I had my hand full of a very nice big natural boob when the phone rang in the middle of the second dance. They were on their way, and I should meet them out front. (So much for them coming in with her on his arm). I think they were both ready to get into the sex at this point despite the so far mild evening.

They picked me up, we drove back to the condo. When we got back in the condo they quickly began kissing, She helped him off with his cloths and sucked his cock, then he had her stand he dropped to her knees and reaching up under her dress pulled her panties down, and then began eating her pussy.

She pulled her dress over her head, and removed it, and then he pulled her over to the bed, kissing on her breasts as he fingered her as he sat on the bed.

He pulled her onto the bed and he fingered her has he ate her pussy, rubbing her g spot and squeezing her breast and pulling on her nipple with his other hand. She was moaning and enjoying every second of it, coming immediately. He moved higher and she spread her legs open for him, and as he got closer, just enough to touch her pussy with the head of his cock, she reached down and drug the head of his cock through her soaked pussy lips, but instead of entering her he asked her to get on top, and she said ok. He rolled to her back, and she followed, sucking his cock a few more times before moving over his bare cock and slowly lowering her body onto him.

She likes bare better than condoms and she moaned a sigh of pleasure as he entered her. The fact he wasn't wearing a condom made it that much hotter for her and she showed it. She rocked back and forth with his cock balls deep inside her while he rubbed her clit with his black hand, standing out in contrast against her white belly. Then as she bucked harder her reached up to cup both her breasts as she road him, and then she wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her back and they two rocked wildly as they fucked each other. Leaning back she put her arms behind her and still fucked him, her eyes rolling back on her head and he held her on his cock with his hands on her thighs, then finally embracing her tightly he came inside her for the first time ever bareback (for him--even though we'd met him four times previously), and for the first time that evening.

They held each other tightly and he got hard again quickly and she went right back to leaning back with her arms supporting her from behind while she rode his cock. He alternated between rubbing her clit, playing with her tits, or pinching her nipples. The only way to describe it was wild fucking, until he came inside her again.

This time she lay back and he ate her come filled pussy for a few licks, fingered her a few strokes and climbed aboard her missionary style, her legs pulled up. He fucked her like this for 10 minutes or so, until he slowed, and as he held his cock inside her she put her legs behind his ass and fucked her body up against him. He eased to her side and she straddled his cock again, riding him to still another orgasm. After more fucking like this she went to her back again and he fucked her missionary style again.

They fucked and sucked for almost 3 1/2 hours, nearly non stop, with hours of moans and her chorus of "YESS" and "fuck me" over and over. Toward the end of the evening he began telling her how he was going to put his black cum inside her white slutty pussy and she got even more turned on to the dirty talk and name calling.

After a while they paused, he went to the restroom, and I slid off my clothes and got on the bed, where she began to suck my cock, her body on her knees, her ass sticking off the edge of the bed. She was in that position when he came back into the room, and without breaking a movement he stepped behind her and slid his cock inside her as she sucked me. He had done a lot of fucking and it slid out, so he began to eat her again and finger fuck her, and finally pulled away and quietly told us good night, that he was through for the evening.

I fucked her now cum filled pussy and added my cum to the load, and she pulled on a black sheer gown and we went to sleep holding each other.

Sleeping with him was out of the question as when we rented the condo we didn't know that the extra room would only have twin beds rather than at least a double.

The next morning I awoke to her standing at the door to our room for a mental image that has stuck in my mind. Here was my wife in a sheer gown, and when I sleepily asked, "Where you going?" She motioned to the other room where he was. She was going to go straight from my bed to his and fuck him this morning.

I lay there for a few minutes awaiting the sound of her getting fucked, but there was only silence. A few moments later she came back into the room. "His door was locked," was all she said as she snuggled against me. We fucked then.

A few minutes later he got up and when she told him that she had been coming in to wake him up he apologized, not realizing that he had locked his door. She simply smiled, took his hand and led him into our bedroom where they began kissing as they stood. They kissed for long minutes and she pulled down his boxers and stripped him naked, and he pulled her gown over her head and she was as naked as he was. She held his cock as they kissed and he played with her breasts.

She sucked his cock and then he turned her around and laid her back on the bed, eating her pussy for a while before moving on the bed. She lay on her side sucking his cock as he sat with his knees flat on the bed as he fingered her pussy, then scooting her around straight on the bed and began eating her pussy, rubbing his thumb over her clit as he did. Then rocking forward on his knees he barely touch her pussy with his bare cock, and then reaching down guided it inside her. They kissed again as he began to fuck her, rocking and grinding hard against her until he started moaning has he came inside her again.

He had to leave then, quickly pulled on his clothes, picked up his overnight bag and told us good bye, thanking her for the good time, leaving her with a last load of cum inside her where I added mine in just a few minutes.


Ramon said...'s always good to see a nice married white woman enjoying some BBC.

JimmyT said...

Love your posts, it is remarkable reading about your adventures. I hope the two of you can keep up the hot wife stuff, it is fun to read about.

Thanks to both of you for your story.

IvoryQueens4BlackKings said...

WOW, totally hot read, thanks for sharing. Would love to see a pic of your wife's neck wearing that "slut4bbc" collar, very sexy.