Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Black Men

We had talked more about her doing two black men. I asked if her she wanted to invite a two black guys--and she said that it would have to be spontaneous--she didn't want to do it by pre-planning.

She did email back and forth to a couple of guys, but as the week progressed she made no effort to contact them, work got heavy, and instead of meeting them on Thursday as we had planned (and we had two days of the trade show around a lot of people we knew) we talked about booking an room at a different hotel.

One guy was quite a bit bigger, but she liked another guy better, so she questioned meeting one guy on Thursday and the other on Saturday. I was leery about doing that at our trade show (as we do try to keep our play life and our reality life separate) but I did say we'd check it out depending on how remote our room was to lessen the chance of him coming in to our room and bumping into someone in the hall. As we got closer, we bailed on Thursday night, but emailed and asked about Saturday. One guy did not write back, and the second guy had a conflict. She had picked out an especially hot dress, with scoops under both the front, back, and under her arms, so that a bit of side-boob was visible too.

To top all that off on the drive to the show Anna and I got into a long drawn out shouting match over very little, but we were both pissed for a while, which further drained us. Neither one of us had any interest in pursuing anything.

But it would get hotter.

Saturday all was ok again, things back to normal, and we worked the trade show. It so happened that the hotel had a nightclub adjoining, and we went in and found it crowded, but no one we knew from the trade show, although there were several black guys in the crowd. Anna perked up, and mentioned that we might want to come back there later, smiling.

We had to leave the club for a late social gathering in relation to our work, and after that gathering we stopped back by our room-and she donned the sexy dress she had been planning to wear to meet one of her potential black lovers.

The social had an open bar and Anna had a great buzz going when we went back to the club. Even more people had come in, and we danced a couple of dances, and I left for the restroom.

She had looked around and saw no one we knew was there, and said, "You know we might hook up here. Would that be alright."

"Sure" I said in my drunkeness.

As I came back to the dance floor, I started toward her and saw a black guy step up to her just as I hit the edge of the dance floor, so I stepped back, ordered another drink, and watched my wife dance with three different black guys. One guy danced with her a couple of dances, and we heard the bartender announce last call. She motioned me over, the black guy still standing there. He was younger, about 5' 9" and had his arm around her waist.

"What's our room number."

I told her. She couldn't hear over the crowd so I held up my fingers.

"You sure this is all right?" the black guy asked.

"As long as you don't have a problem with me being there and cameras."

"OK," he said, and Anna took my hand and led me off the floor, explaining that they would come along later just in case there was someone we knew in the room.

As we headed down the hall toward our room she told me, "I'm not sure they'll come, I saw them head out the door."


"Yeah," he said he's here with his friend. I told him the friend could come but he can't do me." I said nothing, just recalling how freaked out she had been at the mention of just such a thing a few days earlier. I was anticipating how this might turn out.

When we got to the room I opened up my camera case, and there was knock at the door. She opened the door, said hi to the two guys, and introduced us to Shawn and Galen. Galen was the black guy she had been dancing with, Shawn was about 6' 2" and probably 275-300 pounds, with a huge belly. We introduced ourselves, and Galen said, "Shawn's not going to do anything."

Shawn was carrying a half full bottle of gin, and Galen had a sock in his hand.
Trying to be friendly I handed him a camera. "Good, you can help me shoot pictures" I said. Anna and Galen embraced and started kissing, and I went to the camera bag to set up a video camera and put a battery in my other digital.

"I don't mind photos, but don't show my face," Galen said, adding "and here's why." He opened his wallet and showed a fireman ID.

When I stepped back around to check on Anna, they were kissing, and he had already pulled the cloth from the dress to the middle, exposing both her breasts. He was still fully clothed.

Shawn was taking photos, and I went back to finish setting up the camera and light. Once done I went back to the foyer where they were, this time Anna was on her knees in front of him sucking his black cock, naked. She stood up to kiss him, his shirt still on, and he grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against him, reaching far back and slapping her ass very hard with both hands on both ass cheeks at the same time. She didn't complain and he did it twice more, leaving deep red marks on her ass.

They kissed a while longer.

"You might need to get a condom," Anna said to me.

"I've got all the condoms we need," Galen said, reaching into the sock and pulling out a gray pack of Lifestyle condoms and opening one. I moved into the room to turn on the video camera and as they rounded the petition between the foyer and the bed, Anna was on her knees, sucking his condom covered cock. I wasn't sure if she had put it on him with her mouth or fingers. She was pulling his socks off as she did, before climbing onto the bed.

She lay down on the bed, scooting up toward the head of the bed, spreading her legs, and licking her fingers parting her pussy lips as she watched him remove his shirt and remainder of his clothing.

He climbed between her legs, leaned over to kiss her and slid his cock into her with no oral sex or fingering. She locked her legs behind his small ass that was soon bouncing up and down between her legs, fucking her and grunting as she moaned and said "Yes, Yes, Yes," over and over.

The bad thing is in that position there is nothing but legs, ass and back to take photos off, and as I circled the bed, and Shawn did as well, there was not a lot to see except a tangle of legs. He shifted position slightly so we could now see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and she was soon squirting.

I'm not sure how much Shawn had seen of this, because when I looked at the photos he had taken the majority of them was the glistening fluids of her squirting.

He fucked her for around 15 minutes, asking her if she liked it, which of course she did and told him so. He started quicker and her gasps for breath hit the rhythm which told me she would be coming soon, and he moaned as he started coming into the condom.

He lay on top of her and I moved around to their feet, noticing the base of the condom was bulging with cum. "Might be time to replace the condom," I said aloud, but he didn't seen to hear.

He was talking to her but I couldn't hear at the time--but later on the video tape I heard him ask her if she liked his black cock.

"I love black cock," she told him.

"Want more?" She nodded.

"Shawn will do you." She paused for a moment, then nodded again.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, still nodding.

"OK," he said, smiling.

He lay there for a while before staggering toward the bathroom. I had no idea how much he had drunk, but it was obvious he was getting sloppy drunk.

As he pulled out of her she kiddingly said, "You through?"

He turned to Shawn, "He'll do you." We waited for him to return from the bathroom. When he didn't she looked at Shawn, her legs still wide open and her pussy displayed, and said, "Come on big boy."

He stammered something about how he'd been drinking all day and had trouble getting it up when he drank like that. "Gin and it don't mix," he said.

After a minute or two she looked over at me, and smiling moved toward Shawn standing at the foot of the bed with the camera in his hand.

He didn't resist but had a strange look on his face as she unbuckled his pants, pulled down his shorts, and wrapped her hand around a good sized black cock that was not hard. She began sucking him, stroking him, and in general trying to get him hard.

She wanted to fuck him to, and it was evident, but he got semi-hard and then lost it. She kept sucking on him, go him hard, and he stripped out of his clothes. She lay back on the bed, legs splayed, breathing heavily, about to get her second black cock of the evening, and he lost his hard on again.

Anna rose back up to suck him again.

Galen remained in the restroom, and after several minutes Shawn asked, "Where's Galen?" and leaned over with Anna's mouth still on his cock, and exclaimed, "Oh shit."

Anna quit sucking him and we all moved toward the bathroom, where Galen lay in the bathroom floor, his head beside the commode, naked, pass out cold. Anna checking on him, feeling for a pulse at this throat, which he had, as Shawn tugged on his clothing.

We all spent the next 30 minutes trying to get Galen up. Together we got his clothes on him, and he lay back down in the floor. Anna was still naked, wiping his head with a wet cloth trying to get him up, and as she did I saw Shawn open his cell phone and take a couple of shots of him and my naked wife in the floor.

"He is going to have to be real nice to me for a while," Shawn laughed.

Galen rallied enough to get to his feet, and Shawn helped him up, thanked Anna for the good time, and went out the door. I closed the bolt, and went back to the bed, where my freshly black fucked wife was laying on the bed for her white husband to reclaim her pussy. Which I did.

I guess if you're wondering if we're real, the above should be proof as no one could make this shit up. And it didn't end as you expected, think about us--it didn't end as we expected either.

We've talked about going back and doing it again--to her it is the hottest thing she's ever done.


ntr989 said...

Love the fact that it doesn't always work as well as you plan or have it in your mind.

Of course would love to see any of the photos!

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

If you've read my blog there are a few pictures posted--but you also know of our need for discretion due to business, and family concerns. Our lifestyle choices are a personal thing, except for the fact that due to our reality lives there is no one I can tell about our exploits--but here I can.

There are plenty of other blogs that have pictures of people younger, more explicit, that have no qualms about being more open with their lifestyles. For us that just isn't in the cards.

I will post a few from time to time, in fact I've been sorting through some pics that might work in which no one is identifiable.

The picture on the logo, and the one on our avatar are real photos of Anna though.

This site was never meant to be a photo site.

JimmyT said...

I love reading your Blog, it is so real. I am really mystified by the fact that so many Black men know there are women out there like your Wife and a lot specialize in this activity.

Enjoy, keep up the great Blog.

Michael and Caroline said...

We loved this having gone through similar experiences. Makes for exciting memories!

Anonymous said...

nothing hotter than your wife using 2 guys for her enjoyment and also for my enjoyment as her husband watching these guys burying their cum deep in my wife and here satisfied look what when she climaxes over and over and leaver full of their love cream.