Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Turning Point

After our “slut” conversation, I called, it. She got more aggressive in her emailing, and stated her goal was to get some guys used to fucking her now so that as she gets older she can still get black cock. The black cock slut side of her is nothing I said to be degrading—despite how it sounds—but for someone as straightlaced as she was for years it is absolutely enlightening for her to be able to open up yet another side of her, to be able to openly admit that she has that side of her.

I think that like a lot of women, she’s always had that side—but now is finally able to open up about it, admit it, and revel in it. It is a significant point that has overcome a taboo and an inhibition. Her black cock slut side makes her no less a lady, no less a mother, no less a smart business woman, or no less a wife. It is just another angle to a multi-faceted fabulous woman.


Sexy Wife in GA said...

I agree with your commentary. I have admitted to my husband to being the same 'black cock slut' and he loves this side of me. I'm still completely dedicated to our marriage and my husband and no play takes place without his support or arousal of the same. It is important to always put your relationship first and know when and if a line needs to be drawn.

sonya said...

I can understand how your wife feels. I lived with a black stud for over two years and let me tell you the sex was the best i have ever had. There is something about the way a black man uses his cock, of course my stud was huge, the biggest i have ever had. Your wife is just finding out what great sex can be and her wild side is starting to show.