Monday, November 10, 2008

Overnight Guest

This was her first overnighter since the very first time.

We went on the weekend to a mountain cabin, got settled in and we had invited Devin to join us for his second time with Deanna. He got there around five and we started talking, instead of doing anything before supper we just sipped wine and talked. I grilled some steaks, ate, and after dinner it was still daylight and the two of them went outside on the deck to enjoy the view. I joined them, and I felt things were dragging somewhat, and I figured he was tired from his trip.

I finally asked to take her top off—which she did as she laughed about it. She was totally comfortable with it and I got a kick out of watching her sitting there topless carrying on a conversation with this fully clothed black guy. I left to get a drink and when I came back he was kissing her nipples, and they made out for a while, getting darker by the seconds. We went to the hot tub without the lights on and they made outfor a while, kissing, feeling each other up, and then he stood up and she sucked his cock for a while.

When she went to get another drink I told him that if we got the opportunity I wanted to do a double vaginal penetration and he said ok, but once he started fucking her he forgot all about it.

We then moved inside, where they sat on the couch. He put his clothes back on while she just had a towel around her waist, was leaned back on him topless as he played with her breasts, tweaking her nipples and the rings through them. He obviously enjoyed playing with them.

I left again (it seemed he couldn’t get started unless I left the room) and came back and they were making out, he was finger fucking her as they kissed and she reached inside his pants and pulled his cock out. She sucked it, and stood up, took his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom, where he got down to business.

He ate her pussy, finger fucked her to a squirtin orgasm, the put her in a 69 they they went at for long minutes. He finally rolled her to her back, pulled on a condom and quickly slid his cock inside her. While this first time we had been with him he had been quick and he had been slow to recover, this time he fucked her royally, long strokes and she was squirting again.
They fucked for at least 30 straight minutes in a variety of positions, and as per the way we like to play it he went downstairs to the other bedroom for the night and we slept.

I woke up a couple of times during the night and thought about sending her downstairs with a condom in hand, to wake him up with a fuck (and me following later) but it didn’t work out. We were just too sleepy. I wouldn’t have a problem with her sleeping with him except I know her and if she woke up horny in the middle of the night, which would be likely, I suspect that neither one of them would take the time to bother with a condom.

If we ever get with someone we trust that is into overnights it will happen that she will spend the night in the bed with hi.

We went downstairs the next morning and had coffee, talked some, and then she went upstairs for a shower, coming back down in a sheer top and a only a semi-sheer silk scarf wrapped around her waist with nothing on underneath it. She walked straight over to him and leaned down to kiss him and he pulled her on to his laip. He took the hint and started finger fucking her while they kissed, and she stroked his cock as he did. Again leaning over to suck his cock hard and then moving upstairs where it was a repeat fuck of the night before, at least 30 minutes, a lot of orgasms, and then he had to leave—and we had to check out.


Sexy Wife in GA said...

Good to see your back, however it seems to me that some of your enthusiasm has faded when it comes to the encounters. Hope all is well.

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

The enthusiasm is there, but the familiarity of repeats does not lend itself to the excitement of the first time ever, or the newness of someone new and who fucks differently.
Her first time was a huge step emotionally, and the adrenaline and excitement that comes with it.
Her second guy was porn-star huge and an ass-slapper, again so totally different than what we were used to.
So as we continue in this journey some of the newness is not that--and that is replaced with an increased comfort level. It's more relaxed. That may be what is showing in the narrative.