Monday, November 24, 2008

Saying the words

Black Cock Slut
We were drinking as usual in the hot tub, and she blurts out “I need a black fix”
When we got to the bedroom with nice buzzes going I said something about her being a black cock slut, and if she considered herself one.
“It’s more like I’m a classy white woman they are getting a special treat being being able to fuck.”
So she got on her back and I said let’s play a game. She resisted, but I put my cock in her mouth and would ask her question. “Just say Black cock slut or not a slut, one or the two.”
“Can’t I just say yes or no?”
“Have you fucked a black guy?”
“Black Cock Slut” she responded.
“Have you fucked a black guy with your husband watching?
“Black Cock slut” she answered.
“Have you fucked two different black guys within two weeks?
Black cock slut.”
“Have you fucked more black guys than white guys?”
“Black cock slut”
“I admit it, I’m a black cock slut.—I love it.”
We talked a little longer and she said, “I don’t ever intended to fuck anyone other than black men from now on.” She said.
“Me?” I asked.
“You’re my husband,” you don’t count in that.
“And in a swinging situation?”
“Well in a swinging situation it’s different.”
“You’re fucking a white guy there so I can get fucked?”

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