Monday, November 3, 2008

Third Time with her First Black Lover

We wrote (at her suggestion) Sam, the man who took her black cherry, and met him at a suite hotel, having to upgrade because the bed area was really tight. He came in, we sat, had some wine, and talked for a while. She was wearing a short jean skirt and a cowl neck blouse that was very low cut. She started kissing him, and he moved his hand inside her top. She had not told him about her pierced nipples, and he seemed amazed at them. They kissed for a while long, he played with her breasts, and he pulled to top aside to expose both breasts and took them in his hands, his thumbs on her pierced nipples, pushing the rings up, as she unbuckled his pants and holding his cock kissed him for a while more and she leaned over started sucking him. After some moaning by both of them he stood up with her and they both stripped themselves. He touched her and she obediently put her on the couch with her knees on the seat, her head on the back, in a great doggie position with him standing behind her. He started fingering her, and started to fuck her that position but he wasn’t really hard, and when she noticed she took his hand and lead him upstairs to the bed.
Once there she told him he had to use a condom (which is obviously a big problem for him) so he did, with protesting, commenting several times about the two cameras I had set, and when I went downstairs for wine I just sat down and waited for a while.
When I came back up the stairs with the wine glasses in hand he was fucking my wife, her knees on his shoulders, pumping her hard and she was uttering a grunt every time he rammed home.
When I moved to the side with the camera, he lost his hard on again. We gave up and went to dinner and when he went to the restroom she told me that she wasn’t going to make him use a condom, that it was affecting his fucking.
When we got back he took a bit of Viagra and they cuddled until the sap started rising and he got hard with her stroking him. This time he started on her missionary style and moved her to doggie style, bareback. He fucked her like this until she had come a couple of time, and then he rolled her to her back an crawled between her legs. As he was fucking her he told her , “I want to cum inside you” and she told him that she wanted him to come inside her, and as he came she kept bucking back against him until he collapsed. The cuddled for must a minute and he quickly dressed and let himself out.
She was laying there naked, fresh fucked, and I stripped off my clothes and climbed on board. He could not have been back to his car when I lay down and she straddled my cock with no foreplay, her pussy wet with her juices and his come, and she asked me how I liked sloppy seconds and I stared talking back to her about her pussy filled with his come and how my come was going to fill it too, and she was rolling and in an orgasm as I did, and I came quicker that I anticipated, a draining come and she just lay there on top of me for a while before she rolled to her side and the movement pulled me out of her.
He left and I started fucking her, talking about sloppy seconds, about how her cunt was filled with cum and she got totally off on it.

This was in June, roughly one year and two months since the first time that she had first been fucked in front of me. This was the eighth night she had been with a black lover.

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