Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starting back

No, we are still taking a break, but I am going to start posting again for a couple of reasons.

1. One, the ice seems to be breaking. Libido is coming back to visit on occasion!

2. I think there needs to be a place that husbands who have enjoyed watching their wives enjoy other men (and other men enjoy their wives) who are not into eating another man's cum, or being feminized, and are a by-Gawd alpha male themselves, and strong enough emotionally--and have a marriage strong enough--that if the wife wants to enjoy other men, then enjoy.

I am tired of these black dom, sissy white hubby things.

I think two strong men can look each other in the eye and say, sure, my wife likes variety and if she's ok with it, and you're ok with it, then you all enjoy, because I'm ok with it. But start that dom shit with me, and it is not going to end well. Dom her as much as you like as it gets her off (if it does, and if it doesn't you damn well better be a gentleman.

I am glad to say that of everyone we have played with in this lifestyle, all have been within the respectful parameters we went over beforehand, and I was treated with respect too--and it was returned. And everyone had a great time and then went back to our real lives.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!! Much appreciated.

Happy Husband said...

Great post and could not agree more. I love her being a slut and i enjoy others using her as a slut. And she enjoys all of the above.

Shane Knight said...

Just loved the share pretty excited by reading it