Sunday, September 7, 2014

Interesting developments

There have been some interesting happenings on my hotwife’s journey.

First, I have to backtrack a little bit—the last time my wife got black fucked it was with the only black guy she’s allowed inside her well over a year. We met him on vacation last year, he fucked her one night (related here) came back for a repeat two nights later, and this year fucked her on two different nights while we were on vacation again.

The last time they came very close to going bareback, but she moved his cock aside and had she not he would have pushed his bare uncircumcised cock all the way inside her in a single stroke. She told him she would after he was tested. And that was where I left it last time, she admitted she wanted him bare, and he wanted to do her bare, and now he was tested—but then she got a less than perfect PAP test and it has freaked her out. Although in the retest she was fine, the fact that the cells came up as pre-cancerous (i.e. cervical cancer) and the fact that the primary way of catching cervical cancer is catching a particular strain of HPV virus, and if you are so diagnosed they obviously you have been fucking more than one partner, all of which combines into a “I don’t think it is worth the risk.”

Her black boyfriend says it is all about her and if she requires a condom then he’ll use a condom. Big thing is he is ready just about anytime she it, but wants to meet halfway between where we each live. Personally I have told her that whatever she wants to do is up to her, and I didn’t think it fair for me to say she should or should not go bareback.

What I predict is that when they get together this time, it is basically their fifth date, and at some point she will relent and be caught up in the moment and before we leave she will have a load of black cum deposited in her pussy. It is totally her call, but I don’t see her holding out on that long time.

Also after a lot of sorting she has found a profile on one of our personal sites that has clicked. Close to our age, and hits all of her preferences: professional, tall, black, wanting discretion too, and not camera shy about me being there. After I first showed the response to her she said, “I like him. I have a good feeling about him, so set it up.”

Naturally life got in the way with visitors, travel, etc. So last night I told her I was going to that city for a day trip on business and she blurted out, “Well I was hoping we would overnight for something with that guy.”
“Not a problem, I’ll contact him,” I said.
“I need to get waxed before we meet him though,” she added, and mentioned her preference for a hotel.
“In other words if he is anything close to being as he described you are planning on fucking him.”
“Absolutely,” she said. “I have a feeling this could be the guy we’ve been looking for.” I didn’t know we were looking for a certain type of guy—so I asked further. “You know,” she said. “A regular that we could call up on short notice, and get together on a more frequent basis since he is closer.” I know that a part of this is likely that I once told her that if she found someone we were both comfortable with that I could handle an overnight from time to time. Deep down I think that is what she is planning. In the back of her mind she wants to be taken out and shown off by a black lover, in black clubs, etc. At least that is what I suspect, again, we will see.

So last night she said she wants to meet with her black boyfriend/lover in a couple of weeks – and her new potential regular between now and then.
I also mentioned that we have a trade show near this interracial monthly party we have been talking about attending too. It is a two night thing, and she had said she didn’t want to accompany me to the trade show but when I mentioned we could go to both she is all for it. I am interested to see how she will react to having two different nights to fuck a variety of black men. Whether this ends up someone she clicks with for two nights, or she had two different men on two different nights, or even more than one or she tells a new lover to go back into the room and bring a friend so that I can see her do two black men at once, well to tell the truth most of that is my imagination taking flight. I am sure the reality of that will be much more subdued than that, but we will see.

Bottom line is I suspect within the next eight weeks ago my wife will have enjoyed three to four (or maybe more) different black cocks inside her. But I have also learned by our years in the lifestyle is that nothing is really happening until it has already happening and you have loaded the bags into the car and are headed home.

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