Thursday, May 15, 2008

Her first outside fuck

First Outside Fuck
As I said she is a beautiful woman, and flirty, and through business she met a guy who was a player, and she responded to his attention. In her frame of mind at that time she was basically a piece of pussy looking for a place to get fucked, and it happened. He seduced her with very little resistance on his part. She later told me she listed a long list of reasons she shouldn’t, only one or two reasons she should, and she went ahead and did it anyway.
What happened took months of pulling out of her, asking and re-asking until I got the truth—it was something our psychologist recommended—and something I had to have to recover.
She met him for a drink at a local bar on the other side of town. They just talked, but when she was leaving in her car, stopped waiting on traffic, he pulled up behind her in his truck, and got out, walking toward her. She lowered her window and he leaned in the window and kissed her. She thought that was romantic.
She started meeting him in an isolated spot in the woods off a local park, where they were making out, getting further each time of course, but they had not fucked. Then one day as they were fondling each other she told him, “I want you.”
A few days later when I was out of town he called in sick to his job, she put the kids in day care and went to meet her lover. She was apprehensive, but determined to go through with it. As he took her clothes off she said she worried that her boobs would be big enough to please him (she was a 36b at the time and they are world class), and had all these insecurities. He ate her pussy. Her insecurities faded quickly once he got his cock inside her. Without a rubber. He fucked her on her back, quickly, and she lay there with him, cuddling, and then rose up, sucked him back to hardness, and straddled his cock with her boobs hanging down in his face, till he came in her a second time.
He fucked her so hard that she bled a bit onto the sheets, his wife called about the time. They noticed her leaking, and he freaked. He was trying to wash the sheet and dry it out with a hairdryer. They decided not to use his house again.
The next time he borrowed a friends house (I was in town this time), and fucked her on his friend’s bed. They got naked, he got his cock inside her and was pounding her hard enough that some glass bottles on the headboard fell on the bed nearly hitting her in the head, but they were interrupted by a delivery man before they could cum. The interruption spoiled the moment. They got dressed and left without starting up again.
The next time she waited until I was out of town and with the kids in day care, and she fucked him in our den, in my favorite chair, with her legs pulled up to her shoulders, he on his knees in the floor, and he really got her off. By then, after four fucks, she was really letting go with him, eager, willing, and wanting to give him the best fuck he’d ever had. She said the sex that time was great.
A couple of weeks later she knew where he was supposed to be that night. I was out of town, and she went a club to surprise him and she did. She caught him with another woman (other than his wife). She got even more depressed after that, and the next few years made my life a living hell. On the way out she had written “asshole” in the dust of his car window.
She was not through with him yet though. A year or so later she gets the urge and calls him. They start talking more on the phone, and one day he mentions a store he will be going to. She meets him, goes out into his van, and once inside starts to give him a blow job. A woman walking by looks in the window, and it interrupts them, but not for long. He gets out of van, asks if he can help her, she gets in her car and leaves. He gets back into the van and she finishes sucking him off. A few days later she fucks him at our house again, in our bedroom, in our bed.
Every time she fucks him during the day that night is one of her most aggressive that she is with me sexually. When she fucks him she fucks me as soon after as possible, she later tells me. She’s fucking two men only hours apart.
Then one night he is supposed to come by our house when his night shift job ends, when I am out of town, and spend the night with her, with our kids in the house, coming in after they have gone to sleep. She is supposed to leave the porch light on if it is ok. Late that night she has her hand on the light switch and comes to her senses, and says to herself that this is crazy, and she leaves the light off. She has learned that his wife is pregnant earlier in the day. He doesn’t call back and the affair fades away.
There is a time lag of about three years between the episodes, so she never really quite got him out of her system until later.
I’m oblivious to all this, but I know things are very wrong with our marriage, but we have kids and I hang around for them. Our sex life during this time was adequate, and sometimes she would let get and be the woman I thought I had married, but then she would go back in her shell, after giving me just a glimpse of that woman.
During this time she avoided being alone with me, as I would tend to steer the conversation to trying to analyze what happened during what I called our “dark times.” I was seeking understand, and in reality she had all the answers, and was giving none of them. She dared not drink, or let down her guard, lest something slip. So I was suffering her distancing from me. She felt trapped, as when we would be alone I would bring it up, usually on long car trips—she all but refused to go on a long trip alone with me.

By my definition she was not a hot wife -- not by a long shot. She was an adulterer, a cheater, and some other names I called her at the time that would do no good to repost here. But for certain it was an important step on her journey--for both of us.

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