Friday, May 9, 2008

For the Present

“Ten toes up, ten toes down, two bare asses going round and around” The punchline to an old joke, but it is a rough paraphrase of the scene in front of me. Underneath the rising and falling black male ass are two long tanned widespread white legs, knees pulled up to her shoulders. Between those spread legs I can see her very swollen pussy lips parted by his condom-encased cock, glistening with her moist juices as he withdraws. Her pussy moves, seeming to cling to his cock with every thrust in and out.

I could close my eyes and know when he thrusts in, because at the depth of every stroke there is a soft grunt, and then an audible “ahhhh” as he withdraws a little, along with an occasional whimper or an “Oh god, I love it.”

I am there, watching this scene, standing behind a video camera.

The white woman underneath this well hung black guy, the woman moaning in pleasure from the strong fucking she is receiving, is my wife of many years. And she is fucking like this with my full knowledge, consent—and encouragement.

This is a long way from the young girl I met in high school and was the first man (boy at the time) to enjoy the pleasure of making love with her.

How she (and we) journeyed from that naïve, inhibited, straightlaced teenager to what, by her own definition, is today a “bona-fide slut for black cock” is the purpose for this blog.


Arizona Marrried Couple said...

We just found your blog and are excited about reading our way from first to last post. Susi & James

The Lusty Texan said...

Now that's how to start a blog! Fantastic writing.

Danny Thomas said...

I am so glad to find this blog. My wife is from NC. I am her first and only...for 32 years now. Within the past few years, my understanding of the Bible and sex has changed as I kept an open mind seeking what the scriptures taught without our pre-suppositions and trying to see how the people of that time and culture would understand what was said. We have been talking. She knows my views and has asked me to do more study and we will talk again. We are deeply religious. There is nothing I want more than to free her from the bondage of religious tradition. I want to share that first fuck with her and see the barriers fall. Can you help me?

fitforlife said...

Your opening blog was so sexy and very compelling. I look forward to reading the journey.

Anonymous said...

Nicely started. I can relate to Danny's comments above, and I look forward to reading your account of things.

I started a similar blog at