Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second meeting with Nat

Once things settled back down after my discovering the phone, she got back on the black cock train. It took a while, and I think the fact of her seeing the U-haul boxes in the storage room in which to put her clothes and learning that I had been to the lawyer sobered her up. She has even tried to explain the why, and admitted remorse.

So we survived. But there are no more second chances, no tolerance for anything in the future. Other than that, things are fine and back to normal.

One of the things we’ve discovered is that there are subtle differences between the first meeting and a second meeting. The first meeting is all tentative, feeling each other out, taking care to make a good impression, a little extra effort. The second time is different, more relaxed, and the sex seems to be better as I think the lover knows he can be more assertive.

This time he was quicker to start. Kissing her for a few minutes, peeling her out of her clothes. They were both naked within five minutes of him coming through the door, and she had his big thick cock in her mouth almost as quick. He lay her on her back and fingered her with his long fingers, working his little finger into her ass as he did, causing her to come very hard, very quick, and very loud.

There wasn’t much foreplay. He knew what he wanted and she did two, and within six minutes or so he was pulling on a condom and crawling between her open legs. He slid inside her and just held himself there, and when she realized he wasn’t moving she arched her body up sliding his cock inside her, fucking herself against him from underneath, grinding her pussy against him with his cock balls deep inside her.
He pounded her, his balls popping against he flesh each time he rammed her him. She arched her back and he held her ass off the bed as he fucked her—and she was screaming in pleasure as she did, her gasps getting more rapid with “Oh God, Oh Godd, and a “Fuck me” through clenched teeth.
Her legs were wide apart as he fucked, but then he grunted, “Open those legs wide and let me take that pussy,” and she tried to open them even further. He picked up on her getting into the dirty talk and told her, “You like this big black cock inside you?”
“Yes, give it to me, give it to me now,” she grunted back.
He kept fucking her, and told her, “Take it like a good little slut”, which she greeted with more moans of pleasure. He pulled her knees up to her shoulders, still pumping and added, “You like giving your pussy away don’t you.”
“Yes, Yes, fuck me,” she answered, writhing underneath his strong fucking.
He started moaning and pulled out, stripped off the condom and spurted his cum onto her belly.
They rested a minute and she starts sucking him back to hardness. He pulls her over on top of him so he can eat her pussy and he begins doing it as she leaned back against his legs, which he had raised with his heels against his ass. He ate her like that until she came again, as she reached behind him and stroked his cock. He lowered his legs and she lay back, turning her head sideways and in a move that I had never seen in any porn movie she was on her back, with Nat eating her pussy, laying with her back against him, and turning her head sideways she too his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it.
They did this for a while, then she broke and got into a traditional 69, before he flipped her onto her back, turned her body with her head toward the top of the bed, and pulled her legs over his shoulders, her ass about 10” off the bed, and in that position he fucked her again, her pussy extending around his cock on his withdrawl. She came again.

We lay around for a few minutes and pull or clothes back on, and she puts on a shirt that if you look closely you could see a nipple though, and we walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner. She sat beside him in the booth. When she went to the restroom I told him that she enjoyed dirty talk.
We had more drinks, got back to the room and they striped each other again, even quicker. She sucked his cock, and he fucked her in several positions, on top, sideways, she gets on top, then him on top again and more dirty talking to her, calling her a dirty slut and tells her to take his big black cock and asked again how much she loves giving her pussy away. He came, took off the rubber and I gave him a marker, asking him to sign his work, he wrote “N was here” and drew and arrow down to her pussy.
I lay back in the chair, they remained entwined on the bed naked, and we all dozed off. She woke him up by sucking his cock a long time, and does it over and over, trying to get him to come but he resist, finally pulling her up beside him, and as she lay there intently staring at his cock he opened another Trojan XL, rolled it down his cock and moved toward her. She had already opened her legs wide and inviting, and he took the invitation, fucking her again until she came several times, he came in the rubber, and went to the bathroom to flush it.
He dressed and excused himself to go home, and my wife, still naked, finished the evening with a relaxed husband and wife fuck. As I moved over her to go inside her she said, “Be easy, I’m sore.”

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helpmate hubby said...

That was a hot read, glad things are getting better for you guys!